​Business in select company

 Mobile-IT is the only trade show in Poland to bring together experts and representatives from three industries: mobile, IT and e-commerce. This year’s edition attracted more than 60 exhibitors from all over Poland and abroad. Gardar Gardasson, who came to present ultramodern wireless headphones, did not hide his satisfaction:
“To begin with, I am very impressed by the city: Kraków is truly beautiful. But that’s not all, of course. I really appreciated the trade show as well. I didn’t expect to hold so many promising business talks with partners from Poland and abroad. I’ll be back for sure. Actually, I am going to be in Poland again very soon to finalize a large contract that will pave my way into several foreign markets. And all this thanks to Mobile-IT! See you again next year!”, he commented.

Touching advanced technology

One of the greatest advantages of Mobile-IT is the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of cutting-edge technologies. Visitors flocked to a special space where everyone could get transported to a virtual reality for a few minutes. VR is no longer just about entertainment; its great potential is increasingly noticed by business as well.  
“Using VR technology for business purposes is the natural next step.  By investing in good-quality equipment and applications, companies can find interesting new ways to present their portfolio. The sky is the limit – all you need is a good idea. The trade show provides an excellent venue to present virtual reality solutions. We are very happy with our experience; our stand attracted a lot of interest”, said Justyna Janicka from 1000realities.
Visitors’ interest was also sparked by a unique device designed for the youngest students of programming. Photon, a small futuristic robot, communicates with children via a mobile app and learns with them through play. It teaches kids to think logically, take fast decisions, make quick associations, and develop manual skills and memory, i.e. it imparts all the skills necessary for a career in the IT industry. The robot charmed visitors with its intelligence and invited closer contact.
It’s worth knowing more

The exhibition was accompanied by expert talks in the workShops section and the Mobile-IT conference. Top industry experts shared their expertise in the field of m-commerce experience design, effective e-mail marketing and web security.