Two times bigger

The 2nd International Trade Fair for Fasteners and Fixing Technology FASTENER POLAND® will start soon. Their debut edition ended with a huge success. No one remembers this anymore, because everything indicates that this year's trade fair will be even bigger! The exhibition area has grown by 90% compared to last year! Around 180 companies from Belgium, China, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Italy, Poland, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and the USA will present their offer in mid-October, in the EXPO Krakow.

Premieres, news, sale hits ...

During the trade fair will be presented, among others: terrace screws TERRAS-S for soft wood use, new drills for steel of HSE brand, ANS 618+ press with automatic feeder, pre-applied coatings, the AMbag packing machine, TM326 vending machine used for storage, management and automatic distribution, machine for mounting self-clinching fasteners, unique system HEICO-LOCK® of securing of bolted joints against self-loosening, wire designed for high plastic deformation, patented products like self-clinching and titanium blind rivet nuts or Keep-Nut® with quick assembly, inserts Crown-Nut® for the creation of threated seats at the head of tubes, RIVDOM the new generation of cordless battery riveters designed for heavy duty applications, fasteners for solar technology, chrome-free duplex coating called Magni 580, the hydropneumatics tool RIV938, CDP-99M welding machine.

Trade fair for industry specialists

This year, the main thematic scope includes industrial fasteners and fittings, construction fasteners, systems for mounting and installation, fastener production technologies and devices for storage and distribution. Participants of the trade fair will be able to take part in the II Fasteners Congress ,,Modern technologies on the international fastener market”, organized by ELAMED Media Group. During the trade fair dr Marek Łangalis - editor-in-chief of the FASTENER magazine - will present the current situation on the international fasteners market. Among the panelists there will also be: Fischer company with the presentation "ULTRACUT FBS II Screw as an example of Fischer innovation for many industries" and Nord-Lock company with the speech "Savings in the company - screw connections optimization of the Nord-Lock Group". A detailed program of the congress is available  

Dynamic growth

An increasing demand for fasteners is reported by the industry. It's a result of, among others, automation increase have a wide-ranging effects, across labour productivity. And in the wake of it there is a growing need for fasteners that allow an automatic joining process.
- Last year's edition showed that the potential for the fasteners industry event in Central Europe is very large. This year - more than a month before the inauguration - the interest is even bigger than in the case of the debut release. A lot of Visitors will visit us from abroad - says Grażyna Grabowska, President Targi w Krakowie.
The FASTENER POLAND® Trade Fair will take place with the 8th Exhibition of Industrial Subcontracting, an event dedicated to subcontracting and industrial cooperation.
More information at Fastener Poland website.