Composite materials find applications in almost every area of life: in construction, aviation, the automotive industry, the rail industry, the food sector, medicine, and sport. They have a huge potential for growth, as evidenced by the increasing number of exhibitors from Poland and beyond at the KOMPOZYT-EXPO®. 

A new item on the agenda this year is the Active Zone, where companies will present sports equipment (e.g. bicycles, motorbikes, kayaks, F1 cars, unmanned-vehicle models) produced with the use of innovative composite materials and modern technologies.

As always, the trade show will be an opportunity to find out about modern materials, ranging from resins and fibres to gel-coats and fillers, all the way to intermediate products and composite products, as well as the machines used for their processing.

The trade show is also an opportunity to meet representatives of the industry interested in improving energy efficiency in their plants, and presenting the broad range of applications of composite materials.

This year, we will welcome companies from, e.g., the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

The trade show will be accompanied by additional demonstrations at exhibitors' stands, technical presentations, and seminars. The full agenda is available on the KOMPOZYT-EXPO® website.

KOMPOZYT-EXPO® will also coincide with two more industrial events: the 3rd 4INSULATION Trade Show of Industrial Insulation and the 2nd EFE Trade Fair for Energy Efficiency in Industry. Held in one place at one time, the two events will vastly expand the opportunities for direct business relations.

Plan your stay at the trade show well and check where individual exhibitors have their stands.
See you on 11-12 October 2017 in Kraków!