Different bulks for different folks

The objective of SyMas is to present a comprehensive overview of technologies related to the processing, loading, transportation, storage, sorting, filtering, separation, grinding and packaging of loose and bulk materials. Due to the wide application of these technologies, the trade show brings together representatives from nearly every industry imaginable, ranging from the food industry through chemicals, construction, agriculture, all the way to mining, as well as many other sectors where loose materials are processed. Every year, SyMas attracts more than 2000 professionals; this year will be no different, since the technologies to be showcased at the trade show look very interesting indeed.

Spotlight on the cement and lime industry

The cement and lime industry is inarguably one of the pillars of the Polish economy. Owned by international producer groups, national plants have ample access to vast technological and intellectual resources. However, ever-changing EU demands and directives require that technological parks should continually be modernized. As a consequence, the market is flooded with products and services targeting this sector. How to choose the best solution? There is no doubt that the SyMas trade show is a great opportunity to find answers to this question; the Organizers have even set aside a special zone dedicated to the cement and lime industry and the aggregate industry.

Safety first

A trade show dedicated to loose and bulk materials can’t ignore the question of safety, an issue of prime importance for the whole sector. Processing such materials often involves an elevated risk of dust-air mixture explosion. Every year, the trade show hosts a special ATEX zone, showcasing anti-explosive protection devices, dedusting equipment and filtered ventilation systems. And that’s not all. The fair will also present other devices designed to increase work safety in areas at high risk of gas, steam or dust explosions, as well as related services, such as training in current ATEX directives, process installations audits and the certification of equipment used in Ex zones.

A store of knowledge 

Another great asset of SyMas is the series of lectures and conferences delivered by acclaimed industry experts. Guests will be able to take part in free workShops seminars, including presentations of achievements, new products and case studies of successful implementations. Seminars are a golden opportunity for industry experts to exchange ideas and experiences. It is also worth noting that the 6th edition of the Autumn Maintenance School is back this year with a particularly interesting agenda: 13 lectures, 4 thematic zones, expert presentations and case studies from the largest production plants.

Maintain excellence in factories

SyMas will also coincide with the 8th Maintenance International Trade Fair for the Suppliers of Maintenance Products and Services held at EXPO Kraków. The event is aimed at managers and employees of maintenance divisions, and the technical support professionals responsible for maintenance of production and proper functioning in factories. The objective is to present a comprehensive range of technologies and methods designed to prevent unplanned downtime in industrial plants. The Maintenance trade show will also host the launch of a special “Industry 4.0” zone, showcasing products aimed at the development and modernization of 21st-century factories worthy of the name.

More information abiut the Fairs on the website SyMas and Maintenance.