​Rich accompanying program

The program of  fairs will accompanying the 3rd edition of HEAT not LOST Conference, which aims to promote undertakings aimed at improving energy efficiency by reducing heat losses in industrial and energy installations. The intention of HEAT not LOST is to combine and implement innovative solutions from different areas of knowledge.
An excellent complement to the 4INSULATION and EFE Trade Fairs will be the 7th Polish Championship of Industrial Insulation Fitters. The winning team will represent our country at the International FESI Championships in Cologne, which will take place at the IEX Fair 16-17 May 2018.
During the fair you will also be able to visit an unusual bus - because ...... energetic. It is one of the elements of a broad educational action that aims to raise public awareness of climate change. The action is implemented by the The Polish National Energy Conservation Agency.
Energy Efficiency Certificates, commonly known as white certificates, are an opportunity to receive additional cash for planned ventures to improve energy efficiency in an enterprise. At the workshops run by KAPE experts, you will learn how the procedure for obtaining white certificates looks like.
4INSULATION and Energy Efficiency Trade Fair are very popular, less than 4 months before the fairs inauguration, more than half of the area is already booked. It is therefore worthwhile to choose a convenient location today and to report the company's participation in the event. On the website​ also launched a registration form, after which each interested specialist will receive a free entrance ticket.