​Since that memorable February 13, 1996, when we have registered Targi w Krakowie company (the name means: 'Fairs in Krakow' in English), a lot has happened. We organized 232 trade fairs of various industries in five cities in Poland. We were visited by at least 15 million visitors, but in fact the number of our guests is much higher, because not all trade fair and events were ticketed.

This year we celebrate the 20. anniversary of our company! Round anniversary is a good time to summarize and reflections, which we will be happy to share.


Mrs. Grażyna Grabowska - President of Targi w Krakowie about our history 'Made in Poland': 

Polish people love to listen to the American success stories of companies that started in the garage, and today they are giants. We study the biographies of Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg looking at them for inspiration and guidance for our own business. And if we look at our own backyard? 
On the Polish market there are many entrepreneurs, of whom we can be proud of. Over 20 years In organizing trade fairs we met many of them. We really enjoy success of our exhibitors, partners, co-workers...
Today we want to celebrate the 20. anniversary of our company with you. What were the beginnings of our common path to what we have come and what was on the way? In the spirit of joy - we will not mention the events that do not przetrzymały the test of time, although it is natural for the market: each product has its own life, some disappear from the market, some are born. For this remembrance invited a few people who - by virtue of his position - remember our beginnings. What they therefore were they? 
How it all began, which goals we achieved and what has happened in the meantime? That is exactly what we want to share with you celebrating our great anniversary!