Szczegółowe procedury dotyczące bezpieczeństwa zawarte zostały w dokumencie "Bezpieczeństwo sanitarne. Plan ochrony sanitarnej obiektu EXPO KRAKÓW oraz FAQ" POBIERZ

W razie pytań prosimy o kontakt:

Mateusz Kania

Inspektor ds. bezpieczeństwa sanitarnego
tel. +48 12 651 90 18
tel. kom. +48 506 047 424



We are ready for trade fairs, conferences and business meetings in the "new reality". Over the past weeks, in cooperation with the whole industry, we have been working on a plan to organize events under the new sanitary regime. Our priority is the safety of our exhibitors, visitors and staff at all stages of event organization.


Thanks to the procedures we have developed, EXPO Kraków will now be safe and comfortable. Procedures will be individually agreed with the organizers of specific events that we will host in our facility. A Sanitary Inspector has been appointed at EXPO Kraków, who provides advice at every stage of the event.


We ensure strict safety regulations before and during the event, as well as a venue that complies with all the sanitary requirements. For more details read here.



If you have any questions, please contact us:


Mateusz Kania
Sanitary Safety Inspector
ph. +48 12 651 90 18
mobile +48 506 047 424